Tibet Travel Permit

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      About Tibet travel permit Because Tibet has unique geography, climate, religion, and traffic considerations, it has not been fully opened to foreign travelers, who must have a Tibet Entry Permit before being allowed to buy a plane ticket to Tibet. (Overland paperwork is even more of a hassle, so it is nearly impossible for foreigners to enter Tibet by land.) Obtaining a Tibet Entry Permit usually requires working through a travel agency, who will plan a detailed itinerary for your time in Tibet. You must pay for a tour guide and transportation before receiving your permit, and the period of validity cannot be changed or extended. Moreover,the name listed on this document is not yours, but rather that of the travel agency that arranged it for you.

      There are two documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel in Tibet. One is the Chinese Visa, which you can apply for in Chinese Embassy in your place. Another is the Tibet Entry Permit,You can get them easily from Tibet F.I.T.Center Beijing Office. Question: How to get the travel permits? Answer: Tibet tourism Bureau´s plateau Management and Reception Center for Foreign Individual Tourist (F.I.T.)Center has set up office in Beijing to address the problem foreign tourists face in entering Tibet,in particular to plan the simplest,quickest,and most economical way for you to get an entrance permit and airline ticket, allowing you to realize your dream of touring Tibet.And please contect with us(Ms. Zhang Tel: 86-891-6963299,Msn: cntibet@hotmail.com , E-Mail: cntibet@hotmail.com ) Important Issues about Tibet Travel Permit 1. All kinds of people can get Tibet permit through our office except diplomats,journalists,and government officials who should travel to Tibet under the arrangement by the Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Government. 2. After having a entry permit,our office could buy your the train tickets or airtickets,and you can pass the check-in at the Beijingxi train station or airport.When you arrive in Lhasa,you does not need the entry permit in Lhasa city.If you wish to leave Lhasa for some other place, your must first let our Lhasa office assist you in obtaining a local travel permit(PSB Paper)that allows your to visit another special area.Otherwise you alone are responsible for whatever outcome may transpire. Question: How long can I get Tibet Permit? Answer: Generally it needs three days to get the photocopy of Tibet permit if you could supply the full necessary documents. But if you want to get the original one, it needs another 3 days (or more) to Express Deliver the permit. There is a trick that when you apply for China visa, please do not mention Tibet. After you get China visa you can easily get Tibet permit. Otherwise you have to wait for Tibet permit and then you can get China visa. Of course you will face the risk of that you might be refused to come to Tibet even if you get China visa but your destination is Tibet. In our experience seldom does TTB refuse tourists if they are not of those three kinds of people mentioned above: diplomat, journalist, government officials.